Artists at DA Z 2020

Anne Veinberg

Musician, Australia, lives in the Netherlands.

Anne Veinberg Anne Veinberg is an Australian pianist based in the Netherlands. Anne is passionate about music of and for today. She regularly collaborates with composers, actors and technologists to develop new works and musical experiences and has performed throughout Europe, Australia, Mexico and Canada.

Together with Felipe Ignacio Noriega, Anne forms Off<>zz: an ongoing project which explores the possibilities between live coding and acoustic instrumental performance within the classical music sphere. Off<>zz has performed around the world at both music festivals, coding conferences, music happenings and everywhere in between.

Since March 2017 they have been working on the CodeKlavier, which enables the pianist to live code through playing the piano. This project was awarded a start- phase and development-phase grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL alongside private funding. The first work of the CodeKlavier, “hello world”, was the winner of the Uncaged Festival and Conlon Foundation Composition Competition.

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CodeKlavier, Algorave, The State of Live Coding