Artists at DA Z 2020

Johannes Gees

Installation and performance artist and media producer. 1960, CH, lives in Zurich.

He studied ethnology and history at the University of Zurich from 1980 to 1985. At the same time he started a career as a painter and rock musician and founded several bands, including "Sarah Röben" and the "Scuba Divers", gave over a hundred concerts and recorded several records and CDs.

He made a detour to the fine arts and has made an international name for himself since 1999. His most famous works include hellomrpresident (2001), helloworldproject (2003), Salat (2007) and Final Fantasy (2009).

His works include interactive and collaborative laser projections, photographic works, collages, objets trouvés, video installations and interactive LED installations.

In 2012 Johannes Gees founded the crowdfunding platform

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