Artists at DA Z 2020

Katrin Niedermeier

Media artist, Germany, lives in Weil am Rhein and works in Basel

In her artistic practice she often thematizes the area of humanly constructed spaces of longing, fictitious or of real nature and investigates how these ideas manifest themselves in the form of „Arcadian“ gardens, virtual landscapes or personal fantasies.

Her work shows the ever-changing relationships between virtual and analog spaces while its implementation and development is exactly at the boundary of these two areas. Often digital for- mats, mostly animations, are the starting points of her works, which she then translates into instal- lations, physical objects and paintings allowing a dialogue with each other.

Here the virtual world, as an entity with its own authorship, is questioned and its potential and impact in the analog and digital spheres is explored.

Before her studies at the Institut Kunst HGK, FHNW in Basel Katrin Niedermeier studied fashion de- sign at Esmod in Munich and Oslo and worked as a designer for Christian Dior and Jeanne Lanvin in Paris and Nicky Hilton in Los Angeles. Recent exhibitions and video screenings include „I and the Machine“ Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Freiburg, „Avatare, Doppelgänger und allegorische Landschaften“ HEK, Basel (2019) HEK, “Ka- liningrad Museum of Fine Arts “, Kaliningrad: “videocity Basel – Kaliningrad”, TBA21-Academy, The Current ll , Chus Martinez, Convening #2: Phenomenal Ocean Space, Venice, 2019, „ihood“ at Kunsthaus Baselland (2019), „color your color“ Ewha Media Art Presentation, (EMAP), in Seol (2019), at the Hidden Bar during Art Basel in Basel (2019) and the group exhibitions „Hypercons- cience“ at Shadok, Strasbourg (2018), „trans environmental exercises“ at Atelier Mondial in Basel (2018) and „Kurs“ in Raum 103 in Basel (2018).

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