Artists at DA Z 2020

Lauren Huret

artist, video artist, performer and researcher, 1984, France, liebe in Geneva.

She completed the Master WORK.MASTER in Visual Arts (2013) at HEAD, University of Art and Design. His visual work, mainly composed of videos, performances and collages, deepens our ambiguous and confused relationships with the machine, especially those related to new technologies and the many unknowns aspects that result.

The emotional connection and physical dependence we show towards our means of communication are as much a part of her work as the reflections on the history of new media or on topics related to technological developments. Huret often uses found footage material that she collects on the many internet platforms, combines it with her own historical analyses and generates interesting connections.

She has just completed two solo exhibitions, one in France at the Centre Culturel Suisse de Paris and one in Basel at the Haus der Elektronischen Künste since February 2019. Lauren is currently in residence in New York until June 2019, benefiting from the residence of the Canton of Geneva in NY.

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