Artists at DA Z 2020

Miri Kat

E lectronic Musician, Technologist and Designer, 1990, UK, lives in London.

Artist Name: Miri Kat Role: E lectronic Musician, Technologist and Designer Credits: STEM Ambassadors, Novation Music, Establishment Records, Algorave, Open Data Institute, London Fashion Week, TATE Modern, …
… STE(A)M education.

"I am actively conducting demos, workshops and performances all over the UK and Internationally, creating positive impact using the power of music technology as a force for social change."

...Bio: Miri Kat is an electronic musician, technologist and designer. The London-based artist self-described as "oriental" in origin has fast become a mainstay of the underground live-coding scene.

Her day job …

… and nonproprietary software for creating immersive, audio responsive multimedia performances. Website: Twitter: Bandcamp:

Programm that this artist lead

Algorave, The State of Live Coding