Artists at DA Z 2020

Riikka Tauriainen

Conceptual- and Media artist, Finnland/Switzerland, lives in Zurich

Riikka grew up in Finland and studied also in Tallinn Estonia and in Berlin.

Her focus is on the performative process of everyday life and art, which she puts into motion by means of medium and situation. She deals with topics such as social norms and behaviors, routine, banality and language.

As a result of her artist residency in South Korea she did an exhibition there. Her works are internationally exhibited, including Le Commun, Bâtiment d’art contemporain in Geneva and Helmhaus in Zurich in 2015, Siemens Sanat in Istanbul Turkey in 2013, Sinopale Biennial in Turkey and Biennial for Time Based Art in Zagreb Croatia in 2012, The Swiss Art Awards 2012 and 2013 in Basel, as well as a solo show at Les Complices* in Zurich 2010.

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