Artists at DA Z 2020

Susie Star

Les Belles de Nuit DJ

Through the horizon, up to the stars and out into the galaxy - here comes Susie Star (or Susie Star modular if she's experimenting with her modular synthesizer). Experimenting is her thing, whether she's djing or playing live. She likes field recordings as much as discovering strange sounds or digging funky pearls on her record collection.

Susie is not only on the road in the Swiss club scene, but still regularly in Vienna and Linz, the metropolises of her home country Austria. Musically socialized in the record shop Contrust she dared her first DJ attempts in the Cafe Strom and the Stadtwerkstatt. Meanwhile, Susie Star, who lives in Zurich and is a member of Nice Try Records, is one of the most hard-boiled DJs far and wide and still plays exclusively with vinyl. With her diversified radio sets she can also be heard on stations like FM4 or GDS.FM.

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